www.libertatea.ro - Website infrastructure

Client: Ringier Romania

Year: 2011

libertatea-logo libertatea.ro sati 6 aprilie 2011

Description and solution:

As early as 2010 the team Distinct was partially involved in providing technical support to the website libertatea.ro (Romanian website no. 5 according to sati.ro). Expeditious works were executed for web acceleration and security against IT attacks and, subsequently, support and monitoring on the relevant components.

Therefore, at the end of 2010, Ringier selected Distinct to handle the entire technical infrastructure (servers, topology, technical support) for the most visited website in the portfolio.

A completely virtualized solution was implemented with any and all components doubled in Active/Active system (both hardware and software). Due to the file system shared, new web servers could be added very fast based on the output requirements.

In terms of optimization for the CMS used (Typo3) the job has been done with the two programming teams to identify and solve the bottlenecks that were affecting the performance.

The new web acceleration technology lowers by 97% the number of inquiries processed by the web servers and, more than that, it provides a functionality that keeps the website functionalities even if the backend systems are slow in responses.It was implemented the security of a maximum time in which a web page will be loaded for the user.

At the database level an r/w splitting component was implemented for queries (with sharing capacities) as well as replication with virtual machines directly located in RAM.

Current infrastructure proved that it is able to seamlessly cope with over 9000 hits per second and the capacity is easy and fast to increase due to the architecture.

References: Bogdan Iacob, Dragos Dionisie

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