Audio over IP - Customized streaming to FM broadcasters in the country

Client: EDI Romania (LARI Group) -,,

Year: 2005

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Description and solution:

As part of the effort to streamline the national radio network (Radio 21, Europa FM and subsequently Vibe FM) it was requested that the FM broadcast becomes customizable depending on the location (e.g.: different advertising groups depending on the geographical area).

Distinct got in the race for the supply of a reliable equipment that takes over the IP audio stream and delivers it to the FM broadcaster. The following main requirements were identified with the technical team EDI-R:

  • high lifetime - i386 embedded architecture, without moving parts
  • easy to service on-site, are located in hard-to-access areas (e.g.: Vf. Costila - height 2490 m) - the equipment could be replaced or reprogrammed fast and with min. training
  • monitoring - the condition of each and every equipment could be seen in real time through a central interface (icmp rtt/loss, tx/rx bits, play time, buffer, temperature, graphs, etc)
  • control - the equipment could be remotely controlled through a user friendly central interface
  • security - any equipment is on a separate non-public network
  • audio quality - reliable sound equipment were used

Between 2005 and 2009 a number of 100 equipment was delivered and the solution was extended for Vibe FM broadcast.

2011: The solution continues to be operational and the integrator provides technical support.

References: Alexandru Niculescu, Technical Manager

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