Virtual server

Do you want an accessible and efficient product that matches your requirements? Are you interested in a virtual servers offer?

We make you available an advanced technology that will offer you on long term maximum software flexibility as well as increased data security.

Virtual servers Distinct were specially designed to offer the best price/performance ratio.

You get the guarantee of a performant hosting without bothering about the hardware.

For a VPS or VDS virtual server apply to us! See the virtual servers offer from Distinct!

Are you looking for fast solutions to your problems?

We give you a prompt answer and we make you available Express virtual servers that the installation time is the shortest

You have the certainty that you benefit from a quality service in the shortest time.

Do you need a larger bandwidth?

We know how important is the Internet bandwidth both for you and your business partners.

Products that guarantee for a large bandwidth for fast and safe transfers.

Do you have a fixed budget and are you looking for solutions that bring you a significant cost reduction as well as the certainty that your applications will run appropriately?

We provide you with a steady bandwidth without additional cost for the traffic bursts ("95th percentile")

Why should I choose Performant?

Because it represents a product that combines the benefits of a virtual shared server with those of a dedicated server, providing your business with the support needed for an efficient activity and at the highest level.