Live presentation IMWORLD 2014. Case study: How Distinct helped handle Blackfriday 2013 traffic spike.


Bogdan Belu, CEO Distinct, spoke at Internet and Mobile World about scalability problems and solutions in high traffic situations. His presentation was called "Case study: How Distinct helped handle Blackfriday 2013 traffic spike". .

see here the presentation and the video recording...

Seminary Internet & Mobile World 2012. "Downtime is money".


Bogdan Belu, the CEO of Distinct, was invited at Internet and Mobile World to talk about how downtime can affect businesses. He held a seminary called"Downtime is money. Practical guide to find out how much downtime your business can afford".

Presentation chapters:

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. How munch money do you lose when downtime happens
  • 3. How much money do you invest in your protection?
  • 4. How to efficiently budget expenses?
  • see here the presentation and the video recording.

    Distinct supports Defcamp 2012


    DefCamp 2012 @Bucuresti is the biggest INFOSEC and hacking event from Romania. At Defcamp are expected at least 250 people. The participants will be able to see numerous presentations held by people with lots of experience in INFOSEC, they will be able to monitor Wall of Sheep, to participate at DCTF(DefCamp Capture the Flag) contest and they could give their site to a testing team, all of this under the same roof, at the same event -DefCamp.

    "We support the concept of ethical hacking and we believe that the security level of informatic applications in Romania needs to be raised. This is why we decided to get involved in supporting this event" said Bogdan Belu,Distinct's CEO.

    "The collaboration with the industry players is very important to us and the collaboration with Distinct is a very good one. We thank Distinct for the support" (Andrei Avadanei, Founder & CEO DefCamp Security Conference)

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    Supporting "Andrei Gligor all the way to Sahara" and "Asociatia Inima Copiilor"


    Distinct supports Andrei Gligor and "Inima Copiilor" association in the project of raising 29.000 EUR for buying a Ret Cam for the children's hospital Marie Curie in Bucharest.

    To support this cause, Andrei Gligor will run 3600 km in 8 months (Bucharest - Tindouf/Algeria), so he can participate in the Sahara Marathon.

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    Distinct in Marketwatch Datacenter 2012


    Distinct is also present in this year's "Datacenter" catalogue, 2012 edited by Marketwatch:

    "More than 6500 downloads of the 2011 edition PDF (from MarketWatch website) motivated our action and, moreover, shattered any doubt on the high interest in the local Data Center market. I am sure that, with the help of our 17 relevant suppliers, we will manage to provide continuity to a unique and pertinent information source with the 2012 edition to any Company searching for Data Center services" (Gabriel Vasile, Editor)

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    Distinct sponsored "Salvati copiii": "Welcome to the world" campaign


    Distinct got involved in Salvati Copii Foundation's "Bun venit pe lume" campaign and provided the Live Video Streaming Service for the organizers. The event happened this weekend in 3 locations in Bucharest and raised funds to buy incubators for maternities in 15 cities across Romania.

    According to "Salvati Romania" representatives, each year over 1900 children less than 12 months old are dying. This was the main reason for placing 1900 children body clothes in Bucharest Mall, Plaza Romania and Herastrau Park on October 6th and October 7th. The main goal of "Bun Venit pe Lume" action was the donation of a small amount of money in order that each of the 15 maternities to buy incubators to save the lives of prematurely born children.

    Distinct will encourage and sustain this type of initiatives in the future and shall provide free services for the organizers.

    Campaign page: Bun venit pe lume

    Distinct Datacenter is now interconnected with Balcan-IX


    Distinct Datacenter is announcing the completion of our technical high-speed inteconnection with the internet exchange Balcan-IX powered by Romtelecom.

    This connection will ensure a better quality of the data transfer, for the Romtelecom clients and for other 30 national and regional networks. The direct interconnection helps us guarantee a bigger bandwith and a better acces time for our customers.

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    We provided the technical infrastructure (site and Live Streaming ) for "Fabrica de Staruri"


    For fourteen weeks, while Fabrica de Staruri show was broadcasted, Distinct provided high end Live Streaming Services for The Romanian Television - TVR, as well as Website Hosting on a cluster of servers and Advanced Technical Support.

    The biggest challege that we encountered was the planning and implementation of the services so they could handle the traffic spikes generated by TV programs during prime-time.

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    "Noaptea Agentiilor" was transmited live over the Internet


    We transmitted live with 26 cameras from 18 different locations "Noaptea Agentiilor", an anual event, that has as main purpose to promote romanian creativity, to facilitate socialising and to allow the public to meet the agencies in relaxed way.

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    Interview at TVR1 with Bogdan Belu, CEO Distinct, about the first steps to be taken to have a website


    What are the first steps to have an own on-line presence?
    How do you choose and buy the domain?
    What is a webhosting company?
    What types of web hosting offers there are and what is the difference between them?
    What do you begin with if you have an website that your company's profit depends on?
    What is a datacenter?
    What aspects should you pay attention to when you choose the provider?

    You can see the record here

    Since we've always adjusted to the client requirements, as of today we have another renowned partner with us. Besides the existing partners, we also have direct peering with RDS.

    Implementation and certification of an environment management system represents the embracement of a systematic approach of the environment aspects of an organization. On this line, the environment policy and goals implemented by Distinct, are also officially recognized by ISO 14001:2005 certificate:

    In recent years, the local Datacenter market has seen major changes and, even if various plans were suspended following the economic crisis, the investment volume was rather high. Market Watch initiated a market analysis, identifying the main active players in this segment and summarizing the essential elements of their commercial offer.

    The analysis regarded the existence of a complexity level and the compliance with various construction norms when labelling a facility as Datacenter.

    Distinct Datacenteris among the 13 companies participating at this study, fulfilling the requirements of the analysis performed.

    See the study here

    We've turned 10!


    Today, Distinct turned 10 years! The technology has changed, the people remained.

    10 years of uninterrupted activity in service delivering.

    10 years in which we've offered respect and professionalism to all our clients.

    You can see here pictures made along the 10 years of Distinct activity..

    Here you can see our Facebook page.

    Since 2010 we are members of the National Association of Internet Providers (Asociatia Nationala a Internet Service Providerilor (ANISP/RONIX) and Interlan,and today, we've upgraded the connection to Ronix, now having 10Gbps-able endpoint.

    Directia 5 concert Europa FM garage

    With an experience of 20 years in the Romanian musical market and with over 25 albums launched up to the present, Directia 5 comes in Europa FM garage to perform a concert ... like in the beginning.

    Starting with 19:30 hrs., you can watch live on, the concert Directia 5.

    Once more, Distinct provides the technical support needed to make this broadcast.

    Starting with 19:30 hrs., you can watch live on, the convert Holograf, that will take place in the Europa FM garage!

    We are happy that we can provide you with the technical support needed for this broadcast.

    IT security experts, present at the World Congress of Cellphone from Barcelona say that the smartphones are the "new El Dorado" of the hackers.

    Paul, Ioana and Bogdan discussed live with Bogdan Belu, General Manager at, who confirmed their fears: groups that are only living from exploiting telephone security problems have started to appear, stealing data and using them forward.

    However, security actions could also be taken: making a phone data back-up, setting a password for important data, blocking the access to the phone interface and updating the operating system. Moreover, you need to pay a lot of attention to applications installation.

    Listen here to the record

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