Distinct Streaming

Streaming solutions adjusted to your needs


You have available an offer of online streaming services that you can adjust to your requirements.

You can broadcast online, audio and/or video and you can benefit from advanced options (stream advertising, strict access control to the content, recording).

You know that you can rely on a streaming solutions coming from an experienced provider. Consult the streaming services offer from Distinct! Customized streaming solutions to be able to broadcast online, audio and/or video.


  • complete solution, you outsource
  • cost reduction against other suppliers or against an in-house solution
  • fast set-up
  • the streaming issue is taken over by Distinct

Who can apply to

  • exclusively online radio stations
  • conventional radio stations, interested in audio streaming, that want to expand online
  • online television stations
  • conventional television stations, interested in video streaming, that want to expand online
  • multimedia online content providers (e-learning, pay per view)
  • agencies that run advertising campaigns with online component
  • event organizers


  • full package
  • support for any and all standard technologies
  • quotations based on actual utilization
  • streaming cluster (scalability, failover)
  • without hidden cost
  • opportunity to rent equipment for temporary events
  • impact/popularity analysis based on statistics
  • possibility to record the broadcast
  • possibility to customize the solution
  • consultancy from a team experienced in the field


  • quotations based on actual utilization: yes
  • protocol: RTMP (Routing Table Maintenance Protocol) (for Adobe Flash) and/or SHOUTcast (for Winamp)
  • video codec: H264: yes
  • audio codec: mp3 or aac+ (more efficiently: aac+ 32bps is equivalent to mp3 128kbps) available: yes
  • multi-bitrate available: yes
  • streaming cluster: yes
  • software licences included: yes
  • broadcast equipment renting (cameras, PCs, 3G subscriptions) for short term events: optional
  • possibility to add advertising to the stream: yes
  • technical support and monitoring on 24/7 basis: yes
  • content access securing (only authorized/payer users will be able to see a certain content): optional
  • content encryption: optional
  • users redirection to the closest streaming server: optional
  • statistics via web interface: yes
  • advanced API: optional
  • content administration control panel: optional
  • recording (broadcast recording): optional
  • audio streaming and/or video streaming for short term events: yes
  • service installation: free of charge
  • full offer