Distinct File Storage Cluster

Lower the cost by outsourcing the data storage service.


For those who need professional storage capacity we make available data storage services, a solution meant to meet any and all standard requirements in the industry (data storage servers in the datacenter, scalability, security, access speed, integrity).

Moreover, you have the opportunity to supplement the storage capacity already available with the one provided by these data storage services.


  • reduction of the cost generated by in-house implementation (planning, hardware acquisition, installation, colocation, technical support /maintenance, purchased but unused capacity)
  • the data storage issue is taken over by Distinct

Who can apply to

  • the companies wishing for storage capacity that is big, scalable, safe and available all the time
  • those who implement back-up / off-site disaster recovery solutions
  • the on-line content suppliers needed a big data storage capacity


  • scalability
  • security
  • high access speed
  • data concurrent and multiprotocol access
  • the technical support and monitoring services are included
  • outsourced data storage services, without hidden cost
  • fast enabling
  • without Single Points of Failure
  • you purchase only the capacity you need


  • file storage in the datacenter
  • scalability: storage capacity practically unlimited
  • integrity: more than one copy of the same file could be stored each on a distinct server based on the security level that you want
  • data is stored in Distinct Datacenter on more than one physical server
  • disaster recovery: optionally, the data is also stored in another datacenter in Romania
  • disaster recovery, fast access: optionally, the data could also be stored on a server of the client's own location (for faster access)
  • speed: where there is more than one copy of the same file these could be read simultaneously from more than one server
  • security: access to data strictly controlled by firewall and authentication
  • security: opportunity to create sub-users having rights only to certain directors
  • the data could be accessed through ftp, sftp, Windows network share (CIFS (Common Internet File System)) or UNIX mount (client-side caching included)
  • concurrence: possibility to be accessed simultaneously (read/write) by more than one user /application
  • it could also be used as real-time data storage space for the applications not requiring strictly guaranteed I/O (e.g.: webserver for big files, storage for video surveillance systems)
  • optional: it could be completed with a VPN solution for data exchange protection between the client headquarters and datacenter
  • snapshots support
  • architecture without SPFs (Single Points of Failure)
  • technical support and infrastructure monitoring on 24/7/365 basis