Development of the first SMS platform for value-added services in Romania

Client: Simplus

Year: 2003


Description and solution:

Upon request of Simplus, Distinct developed the first SMS platform for value-added services in Romania (Smsplus)

Our team handled both the technical design and programming, servers and implementation. High speed connections were executed for SMSs with all big mobile operators in the country (and later on abroad). The first SMSs were visible on Atomic TV.

Further on, developments were achieved (interconnections with graphical television machines, secured transportation solutions, human filtering interfaces, SMS games, etc) along more than one year (over 3000 hours/development individual).

We were responsible for all technical support levels (communication with televisions, telecom operators, monitoring, etc) in the first 5 years of operation of the solution.

In 2011 the solution is still operational and Simplus is one of the market leaders in the field. The cooperation between Distinct and Simplus continues to be active.

References: Dan Boabes, General Manager

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