We have 10 years of uninterrupted experience in full IT solutions design, implementation and technical support, such as core network (routing, servere, web, email,database, virtualization)and IP Convergence (SMS, voice, streaming/IPTV).

For maximum uptime we have invested in research to find high-availabilty solutions and in our own datacenter.

We've put a lot of passion and resources in the IT security of our clients.

Based on the internal work tickets we've made out a list containing the fields and the technologies that we hold experience in:

1. IP and basic Internet/Intranet technologies

  • NOC for ISP/Datacenter (support and monitoring)
  • network interconnections
  • routing
  • routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, RIP)
  • tunneling, VPN (IPSEC, openvpn, l2tp, PPTP)
  • firewall (NAT, SNAT, DNAT, Cisco ACL, packet inspection, packet modification, priority set-up, TOS)
  • traffic shapping
  • transport technologies: Wireless, VSAT/satellite, GPRS/3G, CDMA, Bluetooth, dial-up/POTS, rented lines, xDSL (ADSL,SDSL,VDSL), optic fibre
  • equipment: Linux, Cisco, Nortel
  • switching: VLANs, VTP, STP, trunking, bonding/teaming
  • DNS name servers (dynamic updates, views, zone, delegation, TTL), DHCP, FTP, SSH, NTP, NFS, VNC/RDP, SNMP, PPP, PPPoE
  • Proxy, reverse proxy
  • resource allocation, item development and update in the Internet Registry (e.g.: RIPE)
  • IP capture portals
  • IPv6 migration

2. Servers and other equipment. Installation and maintenance

  • server installation and configuration (OS installation, drivers, firmware updates, base configuration and security)
  • procedure development
  • Linux (RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Mandriva, etc), Cisco, Windows
  • software updates
  • configurations and optimizations specific to the most common server brands (IBM, HP, Intel, Supermicro, Dell)
  • hardware: sizing, acquisition, installation, diagnostics, repair
  • parameter monitoring (hardware condition, connectivity, temperature, etc)
  • backups, RAID, LVM
  • embedded systems: remote printing, wireless printing (EPSON, Siemens TC45, wireless access points)

3. SMS and cellphone services

  • direct interconnections in SMSCs for short numbers (e.g.: 12XX, 18XX) in Romania, Switzerland, Spain
  • protocols: UCP/EMI, SMPP, CIMD
  • interconnection with other systems over the Internet (e.g.: web applications, payment systems, monitoring applications)
  • routing and billing
  • SMS applications (e.g.: biorhythm, horoscope, chat, contests, hangman, couple-meter, games, sms2email, lottery, email2sms, ringtones, logo, message filtration/rating)
  • interactive applications for television and radio (Atomic TV, National TV, Realitatea, OTV, Kanal D, Party TV, Taraf TV, Europa FM, Radio 21, etc)
  • reverse billing (charge through MT)
  • special functionalities: multi-part messages, flash SMS, delivery reports
  • support for billing and clearing activities
  • interconnection with the graphical television machines
  • support and monitoring (NOC (network operations centre)
  • SMS payment services
  • WAP/WML services, charged through WAP
  • MMS services

4. Voice (VoIP/TDM)

  • TDM and VoIP interconnections on 4 continents
  • Call origination, transit and ending services implementation and maintenance
  • VoIP (SIP, H.323, IAX)
  • TDM (E1, ISDN PRA/BRA, R2, E&M)
  • telephone equipment installation and support (Alcatel, Siemens, Iskratel) and IP (Asterisk, Cisco, Quintum, Nextone, Gnugk, ser, yate etc)
  • ATA-based origination solutions implementation (Cisco, Linksys, Sipura, Audiocodes) and softphones (Xlite)
  • NOC services for ITSP (route configuration and testing, monitoring and intervention based on ASR/ACD)
  • support for billing and clearing activities
  • IVR (Interactive voice response) (company applications, interconnected with databases, call centre, call record, CLI change, voice transformation/mixing)
  • voice operation applications, voice recognition
  • fax services, call-back, videoconference over IP

5. Streaming / IPTV

  • RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPE (Adobe FMS, Wowza Media Server) and Shoutcast-based, Darwin and video and audio streaming
  • codec: H264, MP3, MPEG, AAC+
  • containers: FLV, MP4, MPEG, etc
  • encoding, transcoding, container recording/replacement, registration
  • audio live broadcasting system national level via IP
  • STB (Set Top Boxes) - Amino, LG. IP multicast technology, IGMP, IGMP snooping
  • Content protection and DRM
  • load testing

6. WEB

  • web applications installation and configuration
  • HTTP, HTTPS, virtual hosting, mass virtual hosting
  • Apache, varnish, ngnix, lighttpd, thttpd, squid
  • debugging, web applications optimization for intense traffic
  • massive setups, caching, reverse proxies
  • optimization and support for common applications (Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, Mediawiki, phpBB, phpMyAdmin/phPgAdmin)
  • uploading tests
  • plesk/cpanel
  • php acceleration and web services


  • SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP relays
  • server side antivirus and antispam technologies
  • e-mail deliverability
  • DKIM, SPF, grey listing, RBL, whitelists/blacklists
  • Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, MS Exchange
  • webmail interfaces
  • e-mail lists
  • transport security (SSL/TLS (Secure socket layer/Transport Security)) and client/server authentication based on certificates
  • e-mail signing/encryption solutions

8. Databases

  • planning and implementation
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
  • LDAP
  • replication and clustering
  • optimization
  • proxy, query rewriting, r/w splitting, sharing

9. NOC (Network Operations Center)

  • monitoring
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring
  • fast intervention and incident management
  • installation and expansion of automatic monitoring and warning system capabilities (e.g.: warning through messenger, telephone voice call, SMS)
  • incident ticket systems
  • work procedures
  • knowledge base system documentation

10. IT security

  • servers and infrastructure securing against IT attacks
  • security audit, pen testing
  • SSL certificates for client or server authentication
  • hardware token authentication
  • card transactions
  • IT solution security monitoring procedures
  • security incident intervention (tiger team)
  • IDS (Intrusion detection support) / IPS (intrusion prevention support) systems
  • mitigation against SQL injections, flood, DOS, DDOS, buffer overflows, XSS
  • honeynet systems
  • public keys sharing infrastructure (key server)

11. Clustering/HA (High-Availability)

  • server and router clustering for high availability
  • load-balancing
  • automatic failover
  • scalability, virtualization for fast deployment
  • SPFs (Single Point of Failure) removal
  • experience in traffic spikes management
  • shared file systems, shared storage
  • private cloud/public cloud solutions

12. Server virtualization

  • technologies: openvz, Parallels, Xen, Vmware, Hyper-V
  • migration, live migration (without stopping the service)
  • cloning
  • templating
  • physical machines conversion into virtual machines

13. Datacenter/Dataroom

  • planning the electrical infrastructure, grounding works
  • generating sets, automatic start-up
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), BTU (British Thermal Unit) planning
  • fireproof protections
  • temperature, humidity, smoke sensors monitoring
  • UPSs (uninterruptible power sources)
  • rack, KVM, KVM IP systems
  • physical security systems (access control/against house breaking) and warning
  • video monitoring, movement detection

14. Programming

  • network applications programming
  • programming languages: (C, Perl, PHP, Java, regex)
  • Linux kernel changes
  • web applications programming (CRM, ERP, other Intranet applications, billing, complex websites)
  • programming optimization and securing
  • Internet information harvesting (spiders/bots)
  • applications for card transactions (e.g.: Romcard)

15. Other technologies

  • GPS technology
  • GIS, postgis, mapping
  • graphical television machines interconnection (Playbox, Magicsoft), SDI/ASI
  • upload TV signal on satellite
  • API messenger
  • audio processing, frequency analysis

16. Consultancy and Project Management

  • consultancy
  • planning, solution specifications and project plans
  • research
  • assistance and/or acquisitions of complex IT technologies
  • project management

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