Installation and configuration in High-availability system of the IT business 'critical systems'

Client: EDI Romania (LARI Group) -,,,

Year: 2007

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Description and solution:

In parallel with the relocation to the new headquarters EDI-R, a major upgrade of the IT infrastructure was performed. Besides installation and integration of the new systems, it has been requested that any and all systems essential for the business activity are doubled in cluster system.

The Distinct team come up with a solution of type Active/Passive, where each and every available system is doubled by an identical one that automatically takes over the functionalities in case of failure or planned maintenance. The project covered the IP routing, VPN, E-mail, Authentication, File sharing/Storage and Backup functionalities.

The relevant systems were configured in such manner that there is permanently a mirror image of the data (real time replication) and, in case of failure, the spare system automatically takes over any and all functionalities of the primary one.

Any and all SPFs (Single Points of Failure) were removed, guaranteeing that no matter the failure that could occur, a hardware or software failure, the system will resume normal functionality within a determined time.

Following the project completion it was ensured taking over the liability for the operation of the relevant systems (technical support and monitoring).

In the first 4 years of operation of the specified systems 99.995% average annual uptime was ensured.

References: Radu Polinschi, IT Manager

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