Distinct Virtual Machine in Standby

Spare copy for major applications. The copy is enabled in case of problems.


Do you have a major application ? How much does it cost (money or image) if, for one reason or another, it stops working?

Maybe you should have a back-up plan. With this service we "clone" your primary server and start-up the clone on your request, in the Distinct Datacenter, at any time.

This way, a spare copy for important web applications (websites, CRM/ERP applications, etc) could guarantee immediate activity resumption.

Find out more about Distinct services of virtual machine in standby (spare copy of the important websites and web applications)!


  • you know that no matter what happens you have a spare version to restart the service
  • you lower the cost by removing the additional expenses for the spare solution (configuration, maintenance/testing, hardware, Internet, etc)
  • the issue is taken over by the Distinct team

Who can apply to

  • owners of major applications (websites, CRM/ERP applications, etc)


  • we can enable the service any time issues occur with the primary server
  • short application re-commissioning time in case of data loss against a simple back-up
  • you also ensure the back-up of your system
  • the backup is executed for the entire system/operating environment, not only for data


  • we virtualize the service
  • we test the disaster recovery scenario
  • we ensure at least one daily data copy on a virtual machine in the Distinct Datacenter
  • we enable the virtual machine on our servers until the issue with the primary server is solved
  • after the issue with the primary server is solved we migrate the server back
  • optional: real-time file synchronization between the primary server and the virtual back-up machine
  • you have access to data at any time for punctual restore operations