The benefits of outsourcing IT activities to Distinct

Either we talk about datacenter services, advanced technical support or SaaS you can benefit of significant advantages from the collaboration with Distinct:

Better results:

  • your company focuses on core business
  • we are professionals connected in our field of expertise, we like to believe that we are able to deliver better quality than isolated individuals or teams
  • the knowledge of a team is always bigger than the individual knowledge

Better efficiency:

  • the work procedures are already there
  • we create electronic work tickets for each and every action
  • everyone (the client, us, the client clients) is immediately notified about each and every ticket, facilitating remote collaboration

Faster implementation:

  • your company receives experience at once
  • the execution starts fast, there is no longer needed to train and run in a team


  • we have clients that we supply with uninterrupted services for 10 years
  • long term relationship, there is no need to hire someone each time an employee leaves the company
  • no need to train new employees in the team
  • the knowledge stays with your company

More time for yourself:

  • you manage projects not people
  • managing a technical team without the necessary expertise can easily turn into an impossible undertaking.

Lower cost

  • usually, it costs less than the in-house alternative
  • without hidden costs (telephones, vehicles, fuel, work stations, etc)
  • lower taxes paid to the government
  • you use less space for offices and utilities
  • you get the exact quantity of hours/individual for each and every area of expertise (e.g.: there is no need to hire a full-time Linux/Unix administrator when you only need half of his time)


  • you entrust the responsibility for your data to a team that has over ten years of experience in working with sensitive data

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