Software as a Service

Distinct meets your requirements halfway by supplying SaaS services. Turn to profit the manifold advantages by choosing a Saas solution:

  • SLA guaranteed for the entire service
  • included technical support
  • CAPEX reduction, OPEX optimization

CAPEX (Capacity expansion) reduction, OPEX (Operating Expenses) optimization SaaS solutions for you, see our offer of SaaS services!

Does your company need a functional e-mail flow that connects it to the user database? (e.g.: newsletter, transaction e-mails, etc).

Does it happen that checked e-mails do no reach the recipient for being classified as spam?

ESP Mass Mail is the right solution for your company!

Do you want to broadcast on-line, audio or video, through a reliable provider? Do you need an offer that matches your requirements?

Do you need advanced options (stream advertising, strict access control to resources, recording)?

Do you need fast a modern telephone exchange with advanced functionalities?

You don't want to make heavy weather out of the solution installation or maintenance?

Do you want a call center integrated with the internal CRM for communication with your clients?

Store your data in the datacenter. We guarantee with professionalism your data integrity and confidentiality.

You only purchase the capacity you need.

Lower the cost and enable the service fast.

Do you have a major application ? How much does it cost (money or image) if, for one reason or another, it stops working? Maybe you should have a back-up plan. With this service we "clone" your primary server and start-up the clone on your request, in the Distinct Datacenter, at any time.

Do you have big files that you need to share in a little while?

Do you need short "Time to Market"?

Use the power of the protocols Peer to Peer (P2P) to lower the cost and improve the user access speed.

You can send and receive high volume SMS messages from/to your applications.

Short code rentals (with or without normal tariffs).

Quick access to our top infrastructure.

Do you want a service that you don't yet find in our offer?

The existing solutions were developed based on the needs of our clients and new services are right now being built.

Based on your requirements we can develop a solution that we can afterwards include in our SaaS offer.