Distinct IP PBX

Advanced digital telephone exchange.


Do you need fast a modern digital telephone exchange with advanced functionalities? You don't want to make heavy weather out of the solution installation or maintenance? Do you want a call center integrated with the internal CRM for communication with your clients?


  • reduction of the cost generated by in-house implementation (planning, hardware acquisition, installation, colocation, technical support /maintenance, purchased but unused capacity)
  • the storage issue is taken over by Distinct

Who can apply to

  • the companies that need an advanced internal IP telephone exchange
  • the call centers, to receive or to make calls
  • the providers of services like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) (product info, promotion registration, etc)


  • digital telephone exchange provided with most of the advanced functionalities required by a modern company
  • it doesn't need installation or maintenance, it could be used immediately
  • the terminals could be located anywhere as long as these are connected to the Internet
  • the services could be used both with normal telephones and from the work station or smartphone
  • the calls registration helps in the quality assurance process from inside the company
  • cabling inside the company is no longer needed
  • ideal for call center (incoming or outgoing)
  • possibility to extract utilization reports
  • flexibility: additional applications could be fast developed (IVRs (Interactive active response), integration with the available systems, etc)
  • the files could also be virally sow broadcast in other P2P user groups


  • call forking (an incoming call will ring on more than one phone at the same time): yes
  • call transfer (call transfer to another number): yes
  • call hold/music on hold: yes
  • call waiting: yes
  • conference: yes
  • voice messaging: yes
  • voice messaging also redirected to e-mail (mp3/wav): yes
  • caller ID: yes
  • possibility to record the calls automatically or on-request: yes
  • access to outgoing calls list: yes (ftp/sftp)
  • access to call records: yes (ftp/sftp)
  • call record storage: min. 5 days
  • accepted telephones: any SIP (SPA Interface Processor) equipment (softphones on computer, adapters to analogical phones - ATA, softphones for smartphone - iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc)
  • max. number of simultaneous calls /extensions: 10 (optionally, more)
  • 24/7 technical support: yes
  • outgoing national minutes included: yes
  • numbering: 1 number included (Bucharest-geographical or National non-geographical)
  • optional: allocation of a telephone number easy to remember (Silver/Gold)
  • optional: possibility to integrate other applications with the exchange (Computer Telephony Integration), e.g.: when receiving a call the client file is displayed in CRM
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response), greeting environment for callers: yes
  • the service is located in Distinct Datacenter, it doesn't require installation but for terminals