Dedicated Server

We rent you a server and you can benefit from colocation in our own datacenter at the best price/performance ratio.

Traffic dedicated server

If you have applications that need big bandwidth, choose a server from our Traffic server offer.

Intel Xeon E5506 Quad-Core @2.13 Ghz 4G RAM 2 x 500G HDD
Intel Xeon E5620 Quad-Core @2.40 Ghz 8G RAM 3 x 500G HDD

Customized Dedicated Server

Do you need solutions specially designed for you? Choose any configuration and we will make you the best offer!

Virtual server

We rent you, fractions of server totally isolated from other customers. You have maximum hardware flexibility and you can always allocate more resources depending on your needs.

Express Virtual Server

If you need a fast and safe activation choose one of these virtual servers!

1/2 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 1G RAM 100G HDD
1 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 2G RAM 200G HDD

Virtual Trafic

These products guarantees a big bandwidth for fast and safe transfers.

1 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 2G RAM 200G HDD
2 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 4G RAM 400G HDD

Performant Virtual Server

Choose a product that combines the advantages of a virtual server with the advantages of a dedicated server.

2 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 4G RAM 125G HDD
4 core of Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 8G RAM 250G HDD
8 core of 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 @2.4Ghz 16G RAM 500G HDD


If you already have a server of your own, you can bring it to us and benefit from all the facilities that our datacenter provides (infrastructure, energy supply, UPS, generators, Internet conections, routing and IP protection equipment, security).

Colocation 1u

1u server colocation, 400W/source, port 100Mbps

Colocation 2u

2u server colocation, 400W/source, port 100Mbps

Colocation 3u

3u server colocation, 400W/source, port 100Mbps

Colocation 4u

4u server colocation, 400W/sursa, port 100Mbps


If you have several servers, with this offer you will benefit from quality at the best price!

1/4 rackspace

10u colocation, 4A, port 1Gbps

1/2 rackspace

20u colocation, 8A, port 1Gbps


42u colocation, 16A, port 1Gbp


Isolated partitions specially designed for the clients with several equipments that need increased physical security.


Distinct ESP Mass Mail

Complete solution for your mail interaction with customers.

Distinct Streaming

Using this product you will be able to broadcast online, audio or video, at the best quality.

Distinct IP PBX

Choose this product if you need an IP telephone exchange!

Distinct File Storage Cluster

Store your data in maximum security in our datacenter.

Distinct Virtual Machine in Standby

"Cloning" your primary server as back-up for necessity situations will bring you furthermore safety and better uptime ratio.

Distinct File Sharing through Torrent

This is a product especially built for sharing big files in the shortest time possible.


Marius Deak, CEO/Strategy Director

Company: Green Pixel Interactive

"Distinct is one of the few Romanian technology companies that deeply understands all the technical aspects of a solution."
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Case studies

Installation of the web servers for the main website of a Romanian mobile telecommunications operator

Client: it cannot be publicly communicated
Year: 2004

In 2004, Distinct was asked to attend the re-launch of the web portal of a big mobile telephony operator in Romania.
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Why Distinct?

Our activity could be summarized in numbers, as it follows:

  • monthly: 80+ millions of impressions and 5+ millions of unique users on the servers administered or hosted (estimated based on number for March 2011)
  • 15 000+ tickets solved in the past year (monitoring, incidents, developments)
  • over 2000 automatic checks periodically executed by the monitoring system
  • 300+ servers that we are responsible for
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Either we talk about datacenter services, advanced technical support or SaaS you can benefit of significant advantages from the collaboration with Distinct:

  • Better results
  • Better efficiency
  • Faster implementation
  • Continuity
  • More time for yourself
  • Lower cost
  • Integrity
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  • we continue to provide our clients with datacenter services and quality technical support
  • is being relaunched with new commercial offers
  • we develop and commission the website acceleration technology that ensures short and constant loading time to the user
  • we relaunch, one of the most visited websites in Romania on Distinct technical solution (see the case study)
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We have 10 years of uninterrupted experience in full IT solutions design, implementation and technical support, such as core network (routing, servers, web, e-mail, database, virtualization) and IP Convergence (SMS, voice, streaming/IPTV).

For maximum uptime we have invested in research to find high-availability solutions and in our own datacenter.

We've put a lot of passion and resources in the IT security of our clients.

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