• 2001 - Bogdan Belu establishes Distinct New Media
  • 2001 -We start the collaboration with Radio 21 and Radio Total
  • 2001 - The project 'Lyceum', supply of school information to the parents via e-mail, SMS, web and mail letters


  • 2003 - We diversify our client base and our competence area by entering two emerging market segments: VoIP (Voice over IP) and SMS/Voice VAS(Value Added Services)
  • 2003 - We complete SMSPLUS, the first platform for cellphone services delivery (SMS and content) in Romanian(see the case study)
  • 2003 - We launch Dialplus (dialplus.ro) - the platform of dial-up services provided featuring automatic account creation and payment via SMS
  • 2003 - We start to provide support services and VoIP services development to the Romanian and foreign clients (H.323 and then SIP)
  • 2003 - We've developed the application 'Zapp Installer' for Telemobil SA; the application was distributed with all the mobile data clients to facilitate automatic configuration of the Internet connection (see the case study)
  • 2003 - We've opened a new office in Bucharest
  • 2003 - We've developed more websites, in general, as frontends for our technologies


  • 2004 - VoIP support in Iraq; we've operationally launched the first VoIP termination after the war by using Cisco access equipment and satellite uplink (see the case study)
  • 2004 - Milestone: our technical support team is available on 24/7
  • 2004 - We continue to develop new SMS services (games and information services) on the SMSPLUS platform
  • 2004 - We supply technical support for ISP, servers and VoIP. The equipment that we are responsible for are located on 4 continents (Europe, North America, Africa and Asia)
  • 2004 - We install and secure the infrastructure solution for the website of a big telecommunications operator (7 servers) (see the case study)
  • 2004 - The technical solution for national expansion of the Dialplus service (adding 40 new system access servers)
  • 2004 - We've developed Certicord (PBX that records telephone calls) and Soundercover PSTN (pre-recorded sound mixing in a telephone call) in cooperation with Simeda Gmbh
  • 2004 - We start to develop AVL (AutoVehicle Location) applications for fleet monitoring using GPS/GPRS
  • 2004 - We program the first Java MIDP application for Siemens TC45 (embedded device)
  • 2004 - We complete 'Hotline router' - call center software for IVR adult industry
  • 2004 - Support - we launch our first technical monitoring platform


  • 2005 - We program the applications 'Fazan', 'Kuplometru' and 'Hangman' through SMS, later on used by tens of thousands of people.
  • 2005 - We launch 'Smshouse', the SMS platform for the market in Switzerland.
  • 2005 - We develop the installation application for 'Voxell - UMTS interface' for Topex; the product is better known in Romania as 'Vodafone 3G Multioffice'


  • 2006 - The company 'Distinct Software' is established
  • 2006 - We complete the unification of the systems of support ticket and development, source control and project management
  • 2006 - Software - Radio 21, we create the applications from the 'ASCULT RADIO21' campaign and the SMS service 072DEMENTA
  • 2006 - We complete the project Radio Lynx (on-line radio) - servers infrastructure and website
  • 2006 - We provide training services about Internet security within the SIVECO summer school
  • 2006 - We install the first DWAP (multipurpose embedded box) equipment in locations in Bucharest
  • 2006 - We develop and we launch WSSO (Web Single Sign-On system) for the web portal of a Romanian GSM operator
  • 2006 - We install the first equipment (Stream Receiver), of our own design, for an audio live over IP distribution network at national level (see the case study)


  • 2007 - We install the first DWAP Printer Edition equipment (remote printing of the orders coming through the website)
  • 2007 - We provide technical support for the radio group number one in Romania (EDI Romania - Radio 21, Europa FM, RRM) (see the case study)
  • 2007 - The monitoring system reaches up to 500 automatic simultaneous checks
  • 2007 - We resolve the ticket no. 25 000
  • 2007 - We resume the project Lyceum (education system improvement through technology)
  • 2007 - We modify WSSO to accommodate the changes related to the number portability


  • 2008 - We build from scratch the technical infrastructure for a new musical television (1Music) (see the case study)
  • 2008 - We build and we inaugurate our own datacenter location
  • 2008 - We relaunch www.distinctgroup.net / www.distinct.ro
  • 2008 - We obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification (afterwards migrated to ISO 9001:2008)
  • 2008 - Technical SMS solution for the campaign 'ASCULT RADIO21', 800 000 transited SMSs
  • 2008 - We migrate on the private cloud solution www.tarom.ro (see the case study)


  • 2009 - We purchase the second high power generating set for Distinct Datacenter, we are among the few locations having a primary generating set and a separately active spare
  • 2009 - We attend Seedcamp with the Distinct Messaging platform (unified API for access to instant messaging and socialization networks)- messaging.distinct.ro
  • 2009 - First clustering installations based on Distinct NBB (Network Building Blocks) concept that integrate scalability, failover and complete virtualization
  • 2009 - We install the equipment 'Stream Receiver' no. 100
  • 2009 - We launch ,in Distinct Datacenter, the data storage cluster solution with practically unlimited capacity
  • 2009 - We launch publicmon.distinct.ro -uptime monitoring for news websites in Romania
  • 2009 - We optimize the website 'Evenimentul Zilei' for the traffic spike generated by the presidential elections in Romania (see the case study)


  • 2010 - We become associated member of Interlan Exchange (interlan.ro)
  • 2010 - We commission the ESP solution Mass Mail that ensures delivery in good conditions of the legit commercial mail flows
  • 2010 - We adjust 'premade' technical solutions for the most common infrastructure scenarios under the brand Distinct SaaS
  • 2010 - We become member with full rights of the Internet service providers National Association (anisp.ro) and we connect to RoNIX Exchange (ronix.ro)
  • 2010 -Further to the project started in 2007, we supply from the Distinct Datacenter the live audio streaming services to the radio stations: Radio 21, Europa FM and Vibe FM (see the case study )
  • 2010 - Distinct rebranding under the slogan 'plus through responsibility'


  • 2011 - We continue to provide our clients with datacenter services and quality technical support
  • 2011 - We relaunch the website distinct.ro and we make new commercial offers
  • 2011 - We develop and commission the website acceleration technology that ensures short and constant loading time for the user
  • 2011 - We relaunch libertatea.ro, one of the most visited websites in Romania on Distinct technical solution (see the case study )
  • 2011 - Daily Business and Banca Romaneasca chose Distinct services
  • 2011 - We become Microsoft Partener via Service Provider License Agreement


  • 2012 - We are transmiting live, using 26 cameras in 18 locations, Noaptea Agentiilor 2012 (details)
  • 2012 - We provide infrastructure (site and live streaming) for TVR ("Fabrica de Staruri" show) (details)
  • 2012 - Distinct Datacenter interconnects with Balcan-IX, launching a new POP for interconnections and installing special traffic channels for DE-CIX and AMS-IX (details)
  • 2012 - Carnation Group and Paravion/Happytour become Distinct clients
  • 2012 - Holding a seminary at Internet&Mobile World 2012 (details)
  • 2012 - Sustaining Defcamp 2012 (details)

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