Audio live streaming (AAC+), directly available in web page

Client: EDI Romania (LARI Group) -,,

Year: 2007

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Description and solution:

Radio 21 and Europa FM were among the first radio stations that developed an infrastructure that allowed people to listen their broadcast in a webpage. Upgrade project it was requested, as a first step, the migration from Shoutcast solution (available by Winamp alone) to a solution that had to:

a) allow the users to listen the live stream directly from the webpage - ex: name of the current song)

b) eensures the migration from codec MP3 to codec AAC+(300-400% more effective regarding bandwidth)

Distinct team has identified and produced the technical solution (Adobe Flash based on a Wowza stream server). We created a web player (Flash/Action Script) customizable by the webmasters (in that moment no generic player was available that could play AAC+ format).

In the second phase of the project (2010) the streaming servers were moved to Distinct Datacenter using a cluster solution. Changes were made for centralization of statistics processing and extended capacities of inserting commercials in the stream.

References: Victor Dumitrescu, Group Web Manager

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