Customized dedicated server

Planning an infrastructure that you can rely on involves the answer to more than one question:

  • Scalability: how do you forecast the increase of the number of users in time?
  • Redundancy: what cost brings a downtime, at what level is the redundancy needed?
  • What resources consumes 1 user? And 100?
  • What resources are allocated for an user (RAM, CPU, HDD, bandwidth, I/O) ?
  • CPU: frequency, needed cores, multiprocessor or uniprocessor platform?
  • RAM: normal, ECC, Registered ECC?
  • HDDs: SATA or SAS, with platters or SSDs? hot swappable? What rpm? What cache?
  • The storage is intensively used? A special storage controller is required? What kind of cache does the controller need? What redundancy (e.g.: RAID1,5,10)?
  • Bandwidth forecast, no. of packages per second (pps) forecast?
  • What bandwidth will be used? What percentage of the users are from Romanian and how many from abroad?
  • Do the network cards need redundancy (bonding/teaming)?
  • Remote management: IPMI, KVM over IP?
  • The power sources must be redundant?
  • Will the virtualization be used? What type? (paravirtualization, virtualization) What overhead brings the virtualization?

Our technical team analyses with you the answer to these questions and recommends the best solution for a customized dedicated server.

The offers of dedicated servers of Distinct were specially designed to guarantee the best price/performance ratio. Decide to give credit to the experience and choose from the dedicated server offers of Distinct!

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