Distinct ESP Mass Mail

Full solution for user interaction via e-mail (e.g.: newsletters, website e-mails).


Does your company need a functional e-mail flow that connects it to the user database? (e.g.: newsletter, transaction e-mails, etc)

Does it happen that checked e-mails do no reach the recipient for being classified as spam?

ESP Mass Mail is the right solution for your company!


  • we take over and we solve fast, appropriately and completely the issue of sending your e-mails
  • we significantly increase the responsiveness to the e-mail campaigns through direct delivery to Inbox
  • we reduce the e-mail infrastructure costs (system administrators, recurrent failures, IP change, etc)

Target clients

  • companies that are sending high and constant e-mail volume:
    • companies or bodies that use newsletters to keep in touch with the users
    • on-line stores
    • website operators that generate important e-mails
    • marketing and marketing e-mail agencies
    • advertising agencies
    • news websites
  • The Product is NOT addressed to those who want to send SPAM messages


  • The e-mails reach directly the client's Inbox
  • The platform is easy to use, it doesn't require installation and extensive training
  • The web interface is user-friendly which makes it very easy to use in managing newsletter campaigns
  • The e-mail flows are permanently monitored both by automatic systems and by Distinct team
  • A high volume of e-mails could be send right from the start (due to the reputation consolidated in time of the Distinct systems)
  • Prevents blacklisting through automatic removal of wring addresses of the mailing lists
  • Option to give priority to e-mails


  • The e-mails could be sent either from a friendly web interface (e.g.: sending a newsletter) or directly from your server (e.g.: e-mails automatically generated based on user interaction)
  • For automatically generated e-mails, with the help of a simple change in your e-mail server, the e-mail flow could be diverted via Distinct servers
  • For planned e-mail campaigns: we've integrated with our system an automatic web interface that allows for easy management of any campaign detail (e-mail lists, sending interval, statistics, etc). The web interface is based on Interspire Email Marketer, worldwide leader in the field (see the note)
  • Wrong addresses (e.g.: 'bounced') are automatically collected in a blacklist and locked for further sending operations
  • The most frequent destinations (Yahoo - 75% of the Romanian e-mail accounts, Gmail) are monitored in a special way and the delivery rules are changed when needed. We anticipate messages such as '[TS02] / [TS01] / [TS03] All messages from XXX will be permanently deferred' from Yahoo
  • The technical department of Distinct makes a permanent monitoring of the e-mail flow and ensures 24/7 intervention if issues occur (e.g.: spam indications, flows slow down)
  • For each and every e-mail flow there are statistics and real-time warning (bounce rate, spam rate, dkim/domain keys, speed)
  • We don't allow sending spam messages through our systems
  • Our e-mail servers have a good reputation which is consolidated in time on the Internet
  • Bounced or abused addresses could be automatically taken over from the client application to update the e-mail lists
  • The opportunity to isolate and manage the e-mail flows per client and subclient
  • It automatically interacts with Yahoo Feedback Loop and other similar systems (spam indications from Yahoo users are considered bounces)
  • An antispam check is being done before the e-mails leave our systems
  • An web interface is available for real-time sending statistics
  • Isolation of the e-mail flows in transactional, e-mails to be delivered fast (e.g.: "Your new password is ") and bulk, e-mails that could be delivered more slowly (e.g.: weekly newsletter). The two categories of e-mails are sent from distinct IP's
  • The IP used for mailing are dedicated (not used by other clients or applications)
  • We provide an e-mail server cluster which is fast scalable based on the sent e-mails volume
  • Distinct team manually checks the settings for each and every new flow of e-mails according to a complex internal checklist (DNS, SPF, format, etc)
  • All e-mails are cryptographically signed based on the industrial standards: DKIM and Domain Keys
  • It is possible to integrate with the package coming from the same supplier more than one communication flow (SMS, instant messenger) or adjacent services (datacenter, technical support)
    Web interface functionalities could be found here: Interspire Email Marketer Interspire Email Marketer
    Wikipedia definition for ESP (Email Service Provider)