2u server colocation

Your equipment, our infrastructure.

If you already have the equipment and you're interested in a colocation services offer, contact us to be able to colocate your equipment with our datacenter.

Distinct provides server colocation services with our own datacenter. You can profit from all the facilities of our datacenter (physical infrastructure, power supply, UPS, generating sets, Internet connections, routing equipment and IP protection, security).

You have access to the equipment at any time, accompanied by a member of our team.

More than that, we are monitoring colocated equipment to be able to detect the failures on time.

Consult our offer for 2u server colocation!

2u server colocation

Occupied space2u
Rack type42u, 1000mm depth
Max. current400W / source
Sourcesmax. 2
Network port100 Mbps
National bandwidth100 Mbps
External bandwidth10 Mbps
IP addresses5
Remote hands 24/7yes
Backup space60 GB
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  • 800W max. source
  • additional international bandwidth
  • Gigabit port
  • additional IP addresses


  • the service is only available for rackable equipment (19'' racks, 1000mm max. depth)
  • non-rackable servers (desktop, tower) could be changed into rackable equipment by replacing the case