We ensured the technical infrastructure (site and livestreaming ) for "Fabrica de Staruri"


For fourteen weeks, while Fabrica de Staruri show was broadcasted, Distinct provided high end Live Streaming Services for The Romanian Television - TVR, as well as Website Hosting on a cluster of servers and Advanced Technical Support.

The most challenging aspect was the planning and implementation of all services in order for traffic spikes generated by prime time TV Shows in Romania and the Moldavian Republic to be handled with no problems.


Video recording in romanian only

The generic of the show:

"Fabrica de Staruri" is the Romanian version of the famous talent reality show Operation Triumph. "Fabrica de Staruri" is the first television program simultaneously broadcasted in Romania and Moldavian Republic.

Sixteen contenders from Romania and Moldavia participated hoping they will win the big prize - 50.000 Euros and a contract with one of the most important labels from Romania. The contestants were under video surveillance 24/7. 48 cameras permanently watched them, 7 days of 7, 24 hours out of 24, for 14 weeks.

Using Distinct's services, TVR ensured a high quality of the video stream. The live transmission from The House had no technical problems whatsoever and the public was able to connect at any time to the live stream powered by Distinct. This way, viewers were able to see how their favorites were doing in The House.

The official websites of the competition were www.fabricadestaruri.ro and www.fabrica.md.