Distinct Datacenter is interconnecting with Balcan-IX

Distinct Datacenter is announcing the completion of our technical high-speed inteconnecting with the internet exchange Balcan-IX powered by Romtelecom.

"This connection will ensure a better quality of the datatransfer, for the Romtelecom clients and for other 30 national and regional networks. The direct interconnection helps us guarantee bigger bandwith and better acces time for our customers." declared Bogdan Belu, CEO of Distinct.

"We wish to welcome Distinct as a traffic partner within Balcan-IX internet exchange platform. Through this interconnection, Balcan-IX is continuing the enlargement politics of the number of member networks from Romania and also from countrys like Bulgaria, Ungaria, Serbia, Ucraina and Moldova. " declared Dumitru Vlad, Operators Service Director at Romtelecom Carrier Services.

Distinct Datacenter is connected from 2010 with the others two major exchanges from Romania, RoNIX and Interlan and is announcing the opening starting with July 1 2012 of some special traffic channels towards the biggest internet exchanges from Europe (DE-CIX and AMS-IX).

Distinct (www.distinct.ro) asigura infrastructura si buna functionare a serviciilor si aplicatiilor Internet. Oferta Distinct include servicii de hosting in propriul datacenter, managed services si SaaS. Clientii Distinct sunt firme a caror succes depinde de functionarea in bune conditii a aplicatiilor informatice cum ar fi servicii de continut, e-commerce, internet banking sau email.

With over 30 Gbps traffic, Balcan-IX (www.balcan-ix.net) is the first public peering platform from Romania distributed with over 10 locations(Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi, Bucharest etc.) through wich the service providers can benefit of easy and fast acces at local area networks IP comunity, and neighbour contrys like Bulgaria, Serbia, Ucraina, Moldova and Ungaria. The network architecture is redundant and resilient and all the acces point are connected in a ring topology at a 10 GE capacity.