Off-site backup - complete and complex protection of data and applications

Are your company data and applications secured against the errors that the users could make, against hardware failures, against accidental file erasure, against the potential attacks?

Lost information will be hard or impossible to recover if you don't have it stored in an external secured location, where these could not be damaged. This is one of the biggest benefits provided by off-site back-up solutions. Any off-site back-up is efficient if company data and applications could be re-commissioned in case of error occurrence.

Distinct analyses your requirements and recommends you adjusted off-site back-up solutions. Off-site back-up takes place by copying important data in a location of Distinct datacenter. Off-site back-up solutions provide simple management and complete and complex protection. Off-site back-up services proposed by Distinct include the configuration and synchronization of our equipment with your company's equipment, the final goal being to ensure the operation and continuity of the services and applications.

Briefly, about the off-site back-up services, supplied by Distinct:

  • Advantages:
    • - fast access to saved data
    • - guaranteed back-up periods without endangering the company's daily activity
  • Characteristics:
    • - constant administration of data processed up to a certain moment
    • - data storage on performant machines;
    • - additional data security services
  • Benefits:
    • - Any and all essential items will be kept completely safe;
    • - An extra concern that we take from your shoulders;
    • - We guarantee through any and all means business continuity

Discover the entire advantages of the off-site back-up services recommended by Distinct!