Cloud hosting - private cloud and public cloud

Cloud hosting solutions (private cloud and public cloud) are dedicated both to clients that need an exact number of resources at the level of space, bandwidth, traffic, processor, RAM memory for the needs of one or more websites, and the web hosting companies that wish to milk the technologies and servers for all these are worth. Cloud hosting means assigning tasks on a separate basis, to each server, and hence, all servers are assigned well-defined tasks for, in case of internal issues, the failover of a server doesn't affect the services.

Discover with Distinct the benefits of the cloud hosting service (private cloud and public cloud):

  • Scalable: an increased level of utilization (through virtualization, as well as through datacenter size and maturity)
  • Accessible: gives the users the possibility to load, build, implement, program, manage and receive on request reports about the contracted services
  • Flexible: infinite capacity appearance upon request
  • In common: the work volume is multiplexed (shared between more than one physical machine) and the capacities are reunited
  • Consumption-based invoicing: the consumers only pay for the resources they use, that are invoiced on a consumption-based model

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