Server security - for data security

Securing the data is one of the most important steps when it comes to IT solutions. If a server is under the control of an attacker (cracker, hacker, etc) then the consequences are unnumbered and not quite pleasant: unlimited access to e-mails, unrestricted access to internal files, finding the access passwords to various services and applications, data corruption or deletion, etc.

To secure the data and applications on the server it is recommended to apply for server security services. Therefore, Distinct specialists make you available highly professional server security services. The suggested solutions could be adjusted based on the client requirements.

You can benefit from:

  • server and infrastructure securing against IT attacks
  • security audit, pentesting
  • SSL certificates for client or server authentication
  • token hardware authentication
  • card transactions
  • IT solution security monitoring procedures
  • intervention in case of security incidents (tiger team)
  • IDS / IPS systems
  • SQL injections mitigation, flood protection, DOS, DDOS protection, buffer overflows, XSS
  • honeynet systems
  • public keys sharing infrastructure (key server)

Ask Distinct experts for a customized offer of server security!