Server configuration - data securing

  • firewall configuration
  • webserver (apache, light httpd, thttpd, etc) configuration
  • mail server configuration
  • name server configuration
  • database (mysq/postgresql) configuration
  • virtualization support configuration (openvz, xen, etc.)
  • cloud configuration

Enhanced data security, services configuration based on the company needs, space practically unlimited for data storage. If you'd like to implement these solutions, contact a team of experts that also provides you with technical support for IT solutions.

Distinct, a company specialized in design, implementation and technical support for full IT solutions such as core network (routing, servers, web, e-mail, database, virtualization) and IP Convergence (SMS, voice, streaming/IPTV), proposes concrete solutions for server configuration.

The server configuration process initiates immediately after the completion of the installation step. Our configuration services include: firewall configuration, web server (apache, light httpd, thttpd, etc) configuration, mail server configuration, name server configuration, database (mysq/postgresql) configuration, virtualization support configuration (openvz, xen, etc), cloud configuration. All these services are supplied based on procedures that are checked and tested and, the most important, that are adjusted to the client requirements.

Ask Distinct experts for a customized offer of server configuration!