Distinct SMS API

Top SMS solutions.


We are offering the posibility to send and receive high volume sms traffic from and to your software applications.

More, you can receive in your app sms messages sent to short numbers in Romania (ex: 1234), including VAS numbers (with higher tariff).


Quick and cheap access to our industry-top infrastructure.

Targeted customers

  • media companies (radio, TV, newspaper)
  • online content providers wishing monetization or interaction with their users
  • advertising agencies wishing to engage the fan base (ex: sms vouchers, information services to fans)
  • those searching micropayments solutions
  • monitoring services
  • field teams coordination services
  • we are NOT allowing SPAM or unsolicited sms senders access this service


  • complete package (API + SMSC interconnections)
  • interconnected with all major mobile telephony providers from Romania
  • international sms sending (MTs) available
  • more than 10 years of experience implementing and managing high volume sms solutions
  • consultancy services for implementation of innovative sms services available


  • HTTP API available: yes
  • quick and easy API implementation: yes
  • delivery reports (DLR): yes
  • short code rentals (normal tariff: 17XX, 18XX): yes
  • VAS short codes rentals (ex: 12XX or micropayments - 7XXX): yes
  • rent only a keyword on a short code: yes
  • send a high volume of messages in a short time: yes
  • statistics via web interface: yes
  • software licences: included
  • technical support and monitoring 24/7: yes