Datacenter facilities

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • 130 sq.m. industrial building
  • redundant generating sets
  • air-conditioning system
  • multiple optic fibre connections
  • separated optic fibre paths
  • RONIX and Interlan member
  • controlled physical access
  • video surveillance
  • non-stop access
  • 24x7x365 support
+ full presentation

Fast links

We offer you a server dedicated to your business.

Without initial acquisition costs, without the care of spare parts or service.

Fast installation solutions, based on traffic or high-end, without compromises. Moreover, you can choose your own configuration or you can benefit from our expertise,free of charge and have the best solution configured for you.

Fractions of server with minimum guaranteed resources but with the possibility to use other free and unallocated resources (burst).

Fast VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) configurations that simulate exactly a dedicated server.

In any and all versions, you have available a web interface for reboot operations, OS re-installation or statistics.

If you already have the equipment, you can colocate it with our datacenter.

This way, you can profit from all the advantages of our infrastructure (Internet connections, power supply, air conditioning, security, etc).

More than that, you have non-stop access for hardware interventions or you can use our remote-hands service included in the package.

For companies wishing to colocate more than one equipment we can allocate a full rack (42U).

Rack fractions (1/2, 1/4) are also available.

You have access at any time to the equipment or you can use the smart-hands service on a non-stop basis, it is included in the package.

Separated and isolated partition, in our datacenter in a secured cage.

You can bring more than one rack and other auxiliary equipment (e.g. higher size UPS).

Remote-hands/smart-hands services available